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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems allow you to control who can enter your facility and when.  These systems can also provide a comprehensive audit trail of the dates and times that authorized people are entering your facility.  A well-designed Access Control System can have variable levels of access for different people, whereby certain personnel can only enter specific areas at predetermined times, on specified days.  This eliminates many of the risks that are often associated with physical keys, which cannot be restricted by time, and can be passed-around and copied.

Utilizing different access technologies, from proximity cards to biometric fingerprint and hand-geometry readers, we can tailor a solution that fits the needs of your facility.  We offer scalable systems from leading manufacturers, to ensure that your security needs are met, while improving your daily workflow.

As with all of the systems that we offer, our Access Control Systems are backed by BPS’s factory-trained installation and design staff, who employ the latest installation techniques and technologies to provide a reliable and expandable system.

At Bergen Protective Systems, our fundamental goal is to provide systems that not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

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