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Burglar Alarm Systems

A properly designed and installed Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Detection System is a foundational part of securing your home or business.  Since break-ins and intrusions are an ever-looming threat to homeowners and businesses alike, we leverage our decades of experience to design and install a security system that will help secure what you value most.

At Bergen Protective Systems, we can provide customized and integrated systems that employ the latest technologies and interfaces, while being easy-to-use and navigate.  Our Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Detection Systems can be scaled to cover any home or business facility, from basic perimeter entry points, to complete interior motion detection.  These systems can also be integrated with other electronic security systems, such as Access Control Systems and CCTV Surveillance Systems, to provide a total security solution for your home or business.  Furthermore, usability and convenience have never been more approachable with our cloud-based remote services, whereby your system can be armed / disarmed right from your smartphone.

As a measure of our commitment to providing the most comprehensive electronic security systems available, Bergen Protective Systems is one of only a few UL Listed companies in the industry, allowing us to design and install intricate Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Detection Systems in high-value areas, with the ability to issue a corresponding UL Certificate.  This UL Certificate indicates the level of coverage and UL standard(s) that are being met, so that you can rest-assured that your highest-value assets and/or facility are well-protected.

With Bergen Protective Systems as your electronic security systems partner, you are leveraging the skills and experience of a company that has been protecting homes, businesses and institutions for over 55 years.  We are focused on providing the best security solutions possible, whereby we have always measured success by the quality of what we install, rather than the quantity of installations that we perform.  With numerous clients relying on us for decades, we feel that our approach to security, on an individual basis, is not only the correct method, but the only method.

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