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CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems are an integral part of a complete electronic security plan.  These systems are vital tools that can be used when an incident at your home or business occurs.  Of course, the reliability and dependability of any system is only as good as its design and installation.

At Bergen Protective Systems, we partner with leading manufacturers to offer the latest high-definition CCTV camera and recording technologies available.  From multi-sensor high-definition imaging to advanced 4K+ video, we are constantly evaluating the most useful and reliable technologies for our clients.  When it comes to video, the details certainly matter.

As a measure of our commitment to quality and the security of our clients, we utilize premium equipment from top-tier manufacturers.  While there have been recent concerns regarding the security of many popularly-available CCTV surveillance systems from notable Chinese manufacturers, our company does not purchase equipment from these manufacturers and we never have.

Although you may be away, your home or business is never that far from your mind.  With IP-based remote-viewing capabilities, you can now check-in from a coffee shop downtown, or from a beach halfway around the world.

At Bergen Protective Systems, our fundamental goal is to provide systems that not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

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