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Gamewell Masterboxes

As an authorized Gamewell-FCI distributor, Bergen Protective Systems, Inc. can supply you with a new Gamewell Masterbox, custom configured to your local municipality's requirements.

Across America and around the world, the Gamewell Masterbox remains on guard…protecting lives and property. For more than 150 years, municipalities and private enterprises have relied upon the Gamewell Masterbox for continuous and positive fire alarm reporting.

Gamewell-FCI is the only manufacturer that supplies new Masterboxes through it's network of authorized distributors. These units are the only Masterboxes that are UL Listed. Rebuilt boxes from non-approved sources will void the UL Listing. Gamewell products cannot be altered in the field by non-Gamewell-FCI authorized manufacturers. UL will only authorize an alternate, approved source at Gamewell-FCI’s request. In its 150+ year history, Gamewell-FCI has never authorized or recognized any third party re-builder.

Therefore rebuilt boxes are not endorsed or certified by Gamewell, and are not recognized under Gamewell’s UL Listing. Products that are UL Listed carry with them the confidence and assurance of meeting, or exceeding, the latest requirements and standards of safety for fire alarm systems.

Masterboxes are still actively used and newly installed in multiple municipalities throughout the state of New Jersey, including Teaneck, Hackensack and Ridgewood.

The Gamewell Masterbox is available in three basic operating configurations:

  • Manually operated by moving the pull guard forward, and then depressing the operating lever.

  • With electrical activation in addition to the manual operation, to serve as a connecting link between a principal municipal or industrial fire alarm system and auxiliary type fire alarm systems.

  • As a master transmitter for electrical activation, exclusively.

Gamewell Master Box
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